Bread mix Pain de Campagne

Here it is, the long-awaited mix to make your own gluten-free bread very easily. This bag contains 500g of our naturally gluten-free flour mix as well as all the ingredients necessary to make delicious breads, without adding anything other than an identical weight of water! With the full content of the bag, you can obtain 1kg of dough and make breads of the sizes and shapes you want, depending on the molds you have available. For example, two large loaves of around 500g.


With this mix you will be able to enjoy our country bread at home, always fresh and organic of course! And do not hesitate to personalize it with seeds, dried fruits, olives, ... Sweet or savory, whatever makes you happy!


You are not convinced that it will be so simple? Judge for yourself by watching our video in the photo section on this same page.


Weight: 500g


Ingredients: buckwheat flour *, whole rice flour *, white rice flour *, rice starch *, sea salt, psyllium *, yeast


* organic ingredients

Bread mix Pain de Campagne