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About us

We are two brothers intolerant to gluten and dairy products and Good Food Artisans was born from our journey. Since this discovery that has changed our lives, we have learned to combine pleasure and tasty foods with a healthy diet, taking into account our intolerances. Today, we are committed to sharing good food, which is good for the body and mind. And by developing all our products ourselves, we have become the artisans of our well-being. Our goal is to bring a positive culinary experience to all, intolerant or not.


To bring you quality products, we care about using organic ingredients that meet our strict selection criteria. No additives nor preservatives, our recipes translate our love for authenticity. Our carefully selected flours and our yeast are certified gluten free.

​Sans gluten boulangerie

All our products are free from gluten, corn, soy and dairy products. These allergens do not enter our production facilities, located in Corcelles-Le-Jorat, Vaud. It is important that the security against contamination is also guaranteed in the restaurants and shops that offer our products. All our breads are delivered packaged and sealed at our resellers, and we teach restaurant owners how to avoid cross-contamination.


We hope you enjoy our breads and do not hesitate to send us your comments by e-mail.


Timothée and Michaël

Bakery Switzerland

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